Who Are We?

About Us

With over 30 years’ experience in the building industry, Small Lot Homes creates innovative homes designed to suit your family’s lifestyle and capture the essence of modern Australian living. The success of Small Lot Homes hinges on three core components; providing exceptional customer service, design excellence, and the quality of the homes we create.

Design Excellence

Small Lot Homes offers custom designs tailored to your block. Our expertise is challenging blocks where space is a premium.

How you live in the home is front and centre of all our plans. From where the sun rises and sets, to how you like to interact with your family when you are preparing a meal in the kitchen or entertaining – our designs are built around living and maximising your blocks potential.

A lack of thought towards furniture, storage and maintenance results in a compromised living arrangement that distracts from the original design intent. At Small Lot Homes all of our drawings explore furniture arrangement and are created with intention to make more useful, flexible and meaningful homes.

We pride ourselves on creating architecturally inspired homes adaptable to your budget.

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Customer Service

From the first consultation you will be offered a very personalised service, one which will continue through to the design phase, build, handover and beyond. Our clients are the most important asset to our business and we pride ourselves on working closely and collaboratively with you to achieve your dream home. Being a boutique builder means you will have a single point of contact throughout your building journey, with the director of the company not only designing your home but also supervising the build until completion.

Quality of craftsmanship

This is the essential quality that makes the final lasting difference – the integrity of materials, the reliability of construction and exceptional standard of craftsmanship. At Small Lot Homes we strictly adhere to best building practices and employment of qualified trade professionals. Our superior workmanship creates the style, integrity and finish that makes each home we build such an outstanding investment.

Peter Stephens | Small Lot Homes

Peter Stephens

Small Lot Homes is led by Director Peter Stephens, a registered builder with over 30 years of experience. Peter specialises in building individually designed homes focusing on exceptional design, materials and workmanship with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Peter will personally design the perfect house to fit on your block, and will supervise and administrate every step of the way.

I pride myself on my ability to understand space. As a builder and designer I am able to visualise and get the most out of your space not only from a practical perspective, but also how it can enhance your life from an artistic perspective.
Peter Stephens, Small Lot Homes